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The Beaches of Andalusia

A vacation to the beaches of Andalusia is a trip out of the ordinary. From expansive, sandy beaches to rocky headlines and sandy coves, Andalusia's beaches have something for everyone.Starting from the west is the area of Costa de la Luz. Translated it means "Coast of Light." If a place is called "coast of light" there's a good reason to believe you can soak up the sun to your heart's content.

And, indeed you can.One "must see" beach is Bolonia Beach, which brags beautiful, soft white sand and clear water, perfect for sunbathing or swimming.Other beaches of note in Costa de la Luz include the beaches of Isla Cristina. Facilities include showers and toilets, and you can rent Parasols and sun loungers. What makes this beach breathtaking is that it is backed by sand dunes and pine woods.

If you must stray from the beaches of Costa de la Luz, then a drive on the Calle Facinas or Facinas Road is in order. This road, created as a Roman highway, goes through the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales, a beautiful national park. Aside from the beauty of the park, visitors have the opportunity to stop at Roman ruins along their drive.Moving along the coast to the east is Costa del Sol, the most developed coastal area in Andalusia. Again, the word "sol" (meaning "sun") is another clue that sunbathing is a popular pastime here.

If you're the type who relishes getting those last rays of the day, try heading to Playa Del Cristo, Estepona, one of the only beaches on this coast to face west, which will ensure the sun worshiper the maximum amount of sunshine.Playa Del Cristo is also an area known for its family atmosphere. Of particular note for those with children, El Cristo Beach provides a sheltered cove, ideal for the young ones.

Another beach in the Costa del Sol area not is Mistral Beach, which is situated between San Pedro de Alcantara and Puerto Banus. Mistral Beach boasts panoramic views of much of Costa del Sol, and also offers fabulous restaurants.Moving along toward Granada Province is Costa Tropical, probably the least known of all the coastal areas of Granada. But don't let this stop you, for this area boasts a rocky coastline of isolated sandy coves. Key word here is isolated.

That means you don't have to fight all the other tourists for your own piece of Heaven. And while you're there, treat yourself to the great diving opportunities Costa Tropical provides.Now we come to the most eastern coastal area of Andalusia. If you can't decide whether you want isolation or popular tourist spots, then Costa de Almeria is for you.

There are seven golf courses, with more on the way. And since Costa de Almeria offers the best climate in all of Spain, there's a great chance your stay will be picture perfect. And there are plenty of recreational activities to choose from, including scubadiving, windsurfing, mountain biking and caving.

For those seeking isolation, head on over to Playa de los uertos, where you will find expansive, isolated beaches. For the more "adventurous" among you, try Vera Playa, famous for its large naturist beach. What is a naturist beach, you ask? You might know it by another name - nudist beach. Vera Playa is known as the center of nudism in Andalusia, and there are a number of nudist hotels, apartments and camping facilities to choose from.Whether it's sunbathing (nude or clothed), a round of golf (clothed), a good swim, or just exploring the wonders of nature, Andalusia is a destination you can't miss.


Diane McCalley is a frequent traveler and owner of a Travel Planning website.

By: Diane McCalley

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