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Hotel Safety Tips

by Lana Hampton

As is often the case, the more we travel, the less we think about our safety. It's easy to become comfortable in a hotel when we spend so much time in it. Most people have caught themselves opening their hotel room door without asking who it is when they've ordered room service. And, quite frankly, you are usually so tired and desperate for the salad and glass of wine you ordered an hour earlier that you don't even look closely at the person entering your room.

With more and more terrorist warnings about possible hotel attacks in addition to the usual bad guys out there, it's important to keep safety as your number one priority. Room service and accessing your e-mail come in at a close second. Here are some tips from the American Hotel and Lodging Association to all of the road warriors out there. Stay safe!

Don't answer the door in a hotel or motel room without verifying who is at the door. If a person claims to be an employee, call the front desk and ask if someone from the hotel staff is supposed to have access to your room and for what purpose.

When returning to your hotel late in the evening, use the main entrance of the hotel.

Be observant and look around before entering hotel parking lots.

Close the door securely whenever you are in your hotel room and use all of the locking devices provided.

Don't needlessly display guest room keys in public or carelessly leave them on restaurant tables, at the swimming pool, or other places where they can be stolen.

Do not draw attention to yourself by displaying large amounts of cash or expensive jewelry.

Don't invite strangers to your hotel room.

Place all valuables in the hotel's safe deposit box.

Do not leave valuables in your vehicle.

Check to see that any sliding glass doors or windows and any connecting room doors are locked.

If you see any suspicious activity, please report your observations to the hotel management.

Upon arrival, notify the Front Desk if you require special evacuation assistance in the event of an emergency.

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