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Shopping In Japan

Shopping is always an important part when travelling. It is even more important and interesting in Japan where you can find many unique and beautiful souvenirs to bring back to your home country.Don't think that you can bargain in every Asian country. Japan is the exception. Don't try to bargain when going shopping in Japan, especially in large department stores. You can only ask for a small discount when you go to the flea markets.

It is acceptable there.If you want to save some money in your shopping, try flea markets and one hundred yen shops (100 yen equals about $0.99). You can find almost everything there, from cosmetics to kitchen utensils.

Don't miss them! They are the cheapest deals in Japan. You like fast and convenient purchases? Try the Japanese street vendor machines. They are everywhere in Japan. You can buy many kinds of food and drinks and even some electronic devices from them.Unlike many other Asian countries where sellers try to take advantages of foreign customers, Japanese merchants are quite honest and fair. Although there may be some exceptions, they are only the minority.

The prices are usually reasonable and reflect the right value of the products. Therefore, you don't have to be suspicious and go around comparing the prices. It just wastes your time and effort. The usual result is that you just find the same price or even worse, you cannot find the same product anywhere else.If you find something you really like, don't miss it. Don't think that all souvenir stores offer the same products and you can buy it in other places.

Many regions and stores have unique things that you cannot find in anywhere else.You should plan your shopping carefully the day before if you are in a big city, such as Tokyo or Kyoto. Finding the addresses is very difficult there and travelling from one place to another is really tiring and expensive.

Therefore, consult your map carefully and group all your desired destinations in advance. Be aware of the opening and closing time of the stores as well. Depending on the store, shopping hours are often from 10a.m to 7-8p.m.

Most major stores also open during the weekend but may not open on public holidays.In Japan, people use cash mostly as the means of payment. Some big department stores may take credit cards but in most places people will not have any idea about what to do if you hand them a credit card. When bringing cash with you, remember to be aware of pickpockets in crowded areas.People often buy electronic goods, watches and crafts when going to Japan. There are many kinds of cute souvenirs available, such as kimonos, paper lanterns or Japanese dolls.

If you are looking for some inexpensive gifts, everyday items are very suitable. Your friends will be very happy if you present them with Japanese chopsticks, candies, dishes, etc. Those gifts are not only inexpensive but also cute and more importantly, very Japanese.


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By: Michael Russell

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