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San Diego Vacation Guide

San Diego is the southernmost city of California. On the west coast of San Deigo lies the Pacific Ocean while huge mountains dominate its eastern part. Due to the Pacific Ocean the climate of the place is warm, dry and pleasant all round the year.San Diego is a famous and coveted tourist destination. It hosts more than 30 million tourists every year! The place is blessed with divinely beauty and other attractions. San Diego is worth visiting for young as well as the old.

The countless water sports and such activities are a treat to the adults whereas the zoos and other parks are meant to lure kids.San Diego is quite popular for its Balboa Park. The park is spread in 1200 acres and nestles the globally acclaimed Zoo and some wonderful and eminent museums. Balboa Park is also the cultural center of the city.

It parades an incredible variety of flora that mesmerizes each and every visitor. The zoo in the park is a home for more than 4000 animals of various species. It is a habitat for some of the most exclusive or rare species of birds and animals on earth. Besides this the Balboa Park is swarming with people because of its fantastic museums.

These museums are variously devoted to San Diego's history, science, art, cars, railroads, mankind etc. For instance the San Diego Mueseum of Art is the largest museum of San Diego that displays the magnum opus of great artists.While the San Diego Natural history museum presents an exclusive collection of environmental habitats such as desert, ocean and shore habitats. Beautiful and sparkling gems and minerals can also be seen here.

Apart from these a visit to the Reuben H. Fleet Space Theater and Science Center and the San Diego Aerospace Museum in the Balboa Park is also extremely informative.For all the aqua lovers the Mission Bay area near the Pacific Ocean is an ideal place. The bay includes 27 miles of Bay Shore beaches and 17 miles of ocean front beaches.

It is an amazing picnic spot for the residents as well as the visitors. But the most exciting place in the Mission Bay area is the SeaWorld. The SeaWorld San Diego is a mind-boggling joint. At SeaWorld a person not just gets the opportunity to confront beautiful dolphins and ferocious sharks but also touch and feed them.

California's gray whales, also known as killer whales can be watched at the San Diego harbor Excursion Whale Watching center.If you want to relish San Diego's nightlife and shopping there are certain ideal joints to hit. The Room "La Jolla's Exclusive Dance Lounge", the Cannibal Bar-Catamaran Resort Hotel and the Have a Nice Day Café are some of the top centers to enjoy a thrilling nightlife. While Rio Vista Shopping Center, Horton Plaza and the Gaslamp Quarter etc. are amongst San Diego's awesome shopping hubs.


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