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Dallas Texas Places to Visit

Dallas, Texas is statistically the number one visited destination in Texas. Dallas roughly covers around 384 square miles of flat prairie along the Trinity River. Sea level elevation ranges around 400 to 800 feet. Dallas is also the leading business center in the Southwest. It has one of the largest wholesale markets in the world and is one of the top convention cities in the U.

S.Dallas also offers numerous hotel choices. There are around 60,000 hotel rooms to be found there.

Most of the more luxurious hotels are found near the Downtown Convention Center. The two airports, DFW International, and Love Field also have plenty of hotel accommodation around them. Some other sites that would include convenient hotel accommodation are the North Central Expressway, Las Colinas, and the Market Center.The most notable events in Dallas are the numerous conventions that are held throughout the year. Some statistical numbers of conventions held in Dallas would include that, from 2000 to 2003 the number of hotel rooms booked as a result of citywide conventions was well over 7 million.

One of the most outstanding facts about the Dallas conventions is that an average of over 3.8 million people go to over 3,600 conventions and around $4.2 billion is just left behind. In a recent poll that was researched, Dallas was the #2 most mentioned city in the United States.

Dallas is full of places to go for entertainment. The Deep Ellum is a former warehouse district that is east of the downtown area. Back in the early 1900s it was the hottest place to go for Blues and African-American culture. Today it leans more to the blues and jazz beats. There are over 40 clubs located within this district.

Galleries, shops and restaraunts are just some of the places to also visit. It is arguably one of the hippest places to go in Dallas.Fair Park is mostly known for being Dallas's largest cultural center. It is one of the city's most prized historical landmarks.

It was built back in 1880 and is roughly around 300 acres, that mostly consists of museums, exhibit facilities, and parks. Some of the facilities located within Fair Park are the Cotton Bowl and the Margo Jones Theater. There are museums, amphitheaters, and music halls located between these two locations. Some of the public events held here would include the biggest fair in the United States, the famous AT&T Cotton Bowl Football game, and the Dallas Summer Musicals.

Two of the museums are the IMAX Theater and the Dallas Aquarium, which are the most popular, and then their is the Music Hall which hosts over 100 shows a year, mainly ballet, opera and Broadway.The West End in Dallas is one of the more historical places in the city. It is roughly around 55 acres and contains more than 80 stores and 40 restaurants. A carriage ride is one of the more popular ways of traveling through the West End, because it offers people the chance to see everything there at a much slower pace. On a carriage ride you would get to see things like the Grassy Knoll, or get to visit the Sixth Floor Museum. The famous courthouse "Old Red" is a nice stop and you can get more information on the city when you stop by the Tourist Information Center.

These are just some of the many places to go if you are aver in Dallas. For more information you could look up the Dallas, Texas official website and find a telephone listing, or more specifically, directions on any of the sites mentioned. The Dallas Website has a phone number you could call to get more direct tourist information. That number is 1-214-571-1300.

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By: Michael Russell

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