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Bagamyo Road Dar Es Salaam

This must be my favorite road in the whole of Dar es Salaam; or should I say out of Dar es Salaam. Not because it has anything especially attractive about it - not because it has any exciting attractions along it, however it has a special place in my heart.It ploughs north out of Dar along the coast. The north coast is a bit of a has-been in Dar ? the South coast is prettier, safer and less crowded and more African Bush like. However, the North is special, not so safe, more housing, more people and the shabbiness of it has a special attraction.

Leaving Dar along Bagamoyo Road and arriving at Mwengi crossroads turn left and park. There is a craft Market here lots and lots of small booths selling curios ? the special attraction to this curio sanctuary is that there are local craftsmen carving wood. It is well worth a visit to this market just to see the carving in action. The abstract carvings, the carvings of demon-like figures are fascinating with many of the carvers [when I visited] enveloped in clouds of marijuana smoke.

On the move again traveling northwards along Bagamoyo Road to Kunduchi - I would suggest finding a local bar and taking lunch here, with the locals villagers and maybe the odd stray tourist for company. Choose a place to eat with care in respect for your stomach but once you find a nice place relax and enjoy roast goat or beef and katchumbari salad. Many of the bars in Kunduchi village are out in the open or set in gardens and it is very pleasant.There are hotels in and around Kunduchi village, however now the tar road extends all the way to Bagamoyo it is better option to ravel to this extraordinary little town to spend at least one night. Bagamoyo is where many of the first explores landed to reach into the interior of Africa; including Dr Livingstone. Many slaves were brought to this town before being shipped to Zanzibar to be sold and many of the prisons and forts survive.

Bagamoyo is a pleasant bay with a number of sleepy hotels. Most tour operators organize and promote Bagamoyo. It is an alternative to Zanzibar, which is a little over communalized for some people. It is also a cheaper alternative to Zanzibar. Other alternatives are Pemba or Mafia Islands or even to travel to Sadani National Park where you have wildlife and beach in the same place.


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By: Ian Williamson

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