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An Essential Packing List For Your Round The World Trip

Travelling round the world takes time. Presumably you've planned to be away for weeks, if not months. And why not ? no doubt you've got things you want to see and do.To survive away from home though, you might need to pack quite efficiently. Of course, 'efficiently' doesn't mean cramming as much into a backpack as possible or taking enough pairs shoes to suit every occasion you might find yourself in. So, we've compiled a short-ish ticklist below.

Call it a little motherly, if you like. But it's somewhere to start at least.Documents
? Flight (and any other travel) tickets
? Passport
? Visa(s)
? Insurance papers
? Vaccination certificates (if required)
? Drivers licence
? Photocopies of all important documentation
? Passport-size photos
? Copy of birth certificate
? Details of British Embassies in the countries being visited.It is a good idea to scan important documents and e-mail them to yourself.Money
? Travellers cheques
? Credit cards
? Local currency for first stop (US dollars can also be useful)
? Contact details for cancelling cards from abroad
? Details of travellers cheques in case you need replacements (serial numbers, cheque denominations, date and location of purchase).Health
? Toothbrush and toothpaste
? Suncreams and sunblock
? Make-up (if you wear it, fellas)
? Female hygene products
? Condoms or other contraception
? Any medication you might be taking
? Insect repellent
? Towel(s)
? Toilet roll
? Deodorant
? Washing powder
? Razor and shaving cream.

? Swimming gear
? Cotton valuables belt
? Footwear for hot weather (flip-flops)
? Sunglasses
? Hat
? We're not going to go too far by listing underwear and things. Remember though, it's good to pack for variable weather and take useful clothing that suits multiple circumstances.Accessories
? Camera
? Camera film
? Travel guides
? Maps
? Mobile phone
? Phone card(s)
? Pens
? Paper (and envelopes)
? Alarm clock
? Torch
? Batteries
? Contact details for friends and family
? Safety pins
? String
? Umbrella
? Small first-aid kit
? Entertainment (music, books?)
? Blow-up neck pillow, eye mask and ear plugs (if you need your sleep).

.Haydn Wrath is the owner at Travel nation specialising in round the world flights and travel information.

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By: Haydn Wrath

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